President's Message


We hope you and your families have successfully coped with the coronavirus threat.

We are now ready to accept registrations for WWLL's Fall 2020 classes. Here is how we plan to proceed:

  1. All courses will be presented interactively on-line using Zoom technology.
  2. Nine courses are offered. They are listed below. Course descriptions are on the COURSES page of this website.
  3. No brochure will be printed.
  4. There will be no registration fee for this semester.
  5. All courses will meet at the normal 10-11 and 11:30-12:30 times on Monday mornings. The semester starts on Sept. 14 and runs through Nov. 30, with no classes on Sept. 28 and Oct. 12.
  6. Now the caveat: There must be one or more registrants of each class who will feel confident enough to volunteer to do the Zoom "hosting" of the class. This enables the teacher to focus on teaching. WWLL will pay for the Zoom contracts. This is the only way we believe we can operate successfully. We have a couple of registrants who have already hosted classes who have volunteered to hold Zoom meetings to help train the volunteer hosts. Hosting isn't rocket science, but does take some computer skill and patience. If a class does not have sufficient hosts, it will have to be cancelled. There is a place on the Registration Form to volunteer to host.
  7. To register, Please click here.

We Hope to "see" you soon.

—Bruce Belason