About Us

For 38 years, about 300 seniors from Wellesley, Weston, Needham, Newton and 20 other towns have met for 10 Monday mornings each spring and fall for classes that provide intellectual stimulation, vigorous discussion and good fellow­ship. Our classes cover a wide range. A brief synopsis of each course and teacher biography can be found on the Classes page. WWLL is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.

President's Message

  1. Welcome to returning and new registrants!
  2. We offer a record-tying 15 courses. All four teachers from Newton return, as does (after a three-year hiatus) Frank Villa with a five-week course on New England’s geology, which provides a great intro for returnee Mo Freedman’s five-week course on the 400-year physical expansion of Boston. New is WBZ’s financial editor, Dave Caruso, with a Financial Planning course. After The War continues to offer a forum on mid 20th century issues with an array of distinguished speakers.
  3. WWLL is now on TV and the internet! Selected lectures from the After the War class are on Wellesley’s local channel and can also be seen in all towns at www.wellesleymedia.org. (Click on Programming, then on-Demand and scroll down.)
  4. We offer our respects to recently deceased retired current events lecturer Jerry Grossman.
  5. We encourage you to bring friends, our best source of new members. They can attend two mornings as WWLL’s guests.
  6. Last fall I cautioned against parking in the church’s fire lanes. Thanks for your 100% compliance and cooperation. I must also caution against parking in spots reserved for church personnel.